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Based and originating in the Canary Islands, this project was born in 2020, in full quarantine. The worst time to embark on an adventure? Maybe yes ... or no.


From here comes SERRA. Of a paralyzed world, of empty streets, of a time of change, where the vindication of wanting to be oneself gains strength. When you realize that labels only pigeonhole you and consequently also paralyze you, we are much more than labels, Serra celebrating the richness and beauty of diversity.

Serra does not want to hide stretch marks, cellulite, flaccidity, marks, spots or wrinkles, but on the contrary, we want to enhance it, we want to highlight the beauty of what we have been taught to call defects or imperfections , claim that they are not, because they are the sign of life, that we change, that we are strengthened, that we grow, we overcome ourselves and that we are alive.


All women are real women, and it is not about being perfect, but about developing a positive relationship (reversible, inside and out) with your body and your image. Your body is your wonder.

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